Blood in the Mobile (director: Frank Piasecki Poulsen, 2010)

Published Publication date 23.08.2013

A compulsory movie for every mobile phone owner. Approx. 70% of world’s coltan deposits are located in Democratic Republic of Congo. What is coltan?


It’s a mineral from which tantalum is extracted, used for the production of mobile phones. Millions of mobile phone users support, if unknowingly, the criminal mining industry. The mines illegally exploit thousands of people, including children, who work in slave conditions. In places like this, landslides are commonplace, burying many people alive. Yet everybody remains indifferent. In the mines, no one cares about human rights and workers’ laws. Poulsen enables us to see how such facility operates. Working several hours each day in inhuman conditions, in scorching African heat, torments young organism. Though in 2008 the EU raised concerns about the situation in Congo in a special report, nothing has changed. Mineral extraction is still carried out at the cost of freedom and life of numerous human beings. The vicious circle continues.

Polish title: Krew w Twoim telefonie

Original title: Blod I mobilen



The film received accolades at the 2011 Planet Doc Festival.


Blod I mobilen
Production company:
Distribution company:
Running time:
Frank Piasecki Poulsen
Frank Piasecki Poulsen
Against Gravity
Dania/ Niemcy
angielski/ francuski
82 min

Tags: film, festival, forced labour, mining industry, Congo

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