It's a Free World (director: Ken Loach, 2007)

Published Publication date 23.08.2013

Poland. A construction worker, a nurse and a teacher dream of a better life. Suddenly, someone who will make their dreams come true appear in their lives. Her name is Angie; she works as an employment agency’s representative. All they need to do is pay PLN 1,500 and they can already pack their bags – the gates of English paradise will be open. Upon arriving, they learn that it is not work that awaits them, but simple exploitation, and their remuneration is far lower than what they were originally promised. Some of them will even have to work for free.

The film presents the dark side of labour-related migration. Angie, the dishonest agent, cares only about the profit and mercilessly exploits those who come to England looking for a better life. She won’t stop at nothing. The film serves as a good starting point for a discussion with the youth about the ways of avoiding multiple dangers of labour-related migration. The film won an award for the best screenplay at the 2007 Venice Film Festival.

Polish title: Polak potrzebny od zaraz

Original title: It's a Free World



Production company:

Distribution company:

Running time:
Ken Loach
Paul Laverty
Kierston Wareing
Juliet Ellis
Lesław Żurek
Joe Siffleet
Colin Caughlin
Maggie Russell
Raymond Mearns
Frank Gilhooley
Faruk Pruti
Branko Tomovic
Serge Soric
Radosław Kaim
Steve Lorrigan
SPI International Polska
Great Britain/Italy/Germany/Spain/Poland
96 min

Tags: film, England, festival, forced labour

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