Public opinion poll

Published Publication date 30.06.2015

Opinion poll iconPublic opinion poll is designed to help us aquire knowledge of Poles perceptions of trafficking in human beings, of what they know about various forms of exploitation, possibilities of recieving help and weather they are keen to act in ways that enhances the risk of being trafficked.


The poll is divided into two separate modules:

Module 1 - poll conducted on a sample of 1005 persons above aged 15 or more, representative to Poland's population.

Module 2 - poll conducted on sample of 1005 persons from chosen voivodships (regions): lubuskie, opolskie and warmińsko-mazurskie, aged 18-25. The regions for module 2 were chosen for 

The poll will took place in June/July 2015. The report is available in Polish and English.


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