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Published Publication date 19.05.2015


The project is supported by a grant from Norway




Improving Poland’s capacity to prevent trafficking in human beings is project carried out in the framework of the PL-15 “Schengen Cooperation and Combatting Cross-bordr Organised Crime, including Trafficking and Itinerant Criminal Groups” of the Norway Grants. The project’s budget amounts to 500 000 euro of which 425 000 euro is the support from Norway Grants. The project is carried out by the Migration Policy Department in cooperation with Council of Europe.

By implementing the project we want to improve the safety of Polish citizens in relation to trafficking in human beings (THB) by reducing the risk of falling victim to various forms of exploitation. To achieve this we plan to enhance the awareness of the dangers associated with THB, and taking up work abroad as well as improve general knowledge of THB and possibilities to receive help.

These goals will be achieved with use of various tools tailored for different target groups. Target groups include vulnerable people at risk of being trafficked (mainly young people deciding to work abroad) as well as businesses that may be consciously or unconsciously using labour or services provided by victims of exploitation.

Project actions

Public opinion poll

Awareness raising campaign

A mobile exhibition

Film screenings for young people aged 13-18

The printing of the CoE’s comic strip “You’re not for sale”

Updating the website of the National Intervention and Consultation Centre for victims of THB

A research study and seminar on exploring demand reduction strategies

Guest lectures for students carried out by CoE experts

 Project news

 Where are we?

Public opinion poll


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