Trainings for Voivodship Units completed

Published Publication date 07.12.2015

According to the plan of the project "Improved national cooperation structures to prevent trafficking in human beings", co-financed with Norwegian Funds, trainings for members of provincial from Opole (18-19.11), Łódź and Olsztyn (24-25.11) have completed this stage of the project, aiming to train all the members of voivodship teams against human trafficking.

In period June-November 2015 the representatives of all 15 voivodship teams against human trafficking have been trained, apart from Masovian Team that has been existing since 2010. There were 299 participants in total.

These courses were individually tailored to each team, its experience and the number of meetings held previously and they were in general very highly rated by participants - issues presented during the training were assessed for their suitability in future work of the regional team at more than 5 (in 0-6 scale); degree of implementation of the training program has been assessed at 5.32, and the organization of training on 5.76 points. Positive assessment of these trainings may be confirmed with active participation of the regional representatives in the meetings, as well as in direct contact during unofficial talks to the speakers and regular contact with the experts of the Unit against Trafficking in Human Beings in MIA. Teams’ members share a lot on ideas, proposals, such as:

·         legislative amendments (ie. extention of the competences of Voivodships’ Marshals to support actions against trafficking in human beings or amendments to the law on social assistance, so as to more accurately set forth administrative costs, eg. the cost of interpreter assistance and support to victims of human trafficking);

·         support to victims (ie. to solve problems with transportation or medical help for THB victims, preparation of institution of care and education to adopt a minor victims of human trafficking );

·         prevention (ie. Including the THB issues into the programme „Safer Together”włączenie tematyki handlu ludźmi do programu „Razem bezpieczniej”, wymuszenie prezentowania w mediach publicznych informacji i spotów nt. handlu ludźmi);

·         szkoleń (np. dla operatorów telefonów alarmowych 112, stworzenie programu otwartego dla obywateli szkolenia e-learningowego).

This stage – first one of the project’s realization has been just completed. Now there is giving support in everyday work devoted to prevent the crime ahead of the Unit against Trafficking in Human Beings of the MIA.

Voivodship units may still count on the assistance of experts of the Unit against Trafficking Human Beings MIA, passing of current information, transfer of brochures and other prevention materials, as well as the newly developed mechanisms.


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