Realization of National Action Plan in years 2010-2013

Published Publication date 31.10.2013

The main prevention tasks are performed under the “National Action Plan Against Trafficking in Human Beings”. They relate to actions of central institutions and aim at the awareness-rising of people who belong to the groups most vulnerable of becoming a victim of human trafficking – students, people looking for a job abroad, unemployed and young women. One of the specific objectives of the Plan is to inform potential victims of the phenomenon, support authorities representatives and institutios

In last three years, to fulfill this objective, a number of actions were undertaken nationwide to share knowledge and attract interest in human trafficking of local governments, non-governmental organizations and students.

  • In frames of the celebrations of the EU Anti-Trafficking Day, the Ministry of Interior involve each year Police and Border Guard academies in the organization of meetings and workshops for officers who are trained there;
  • The fact that in 2011 new labour markets in European Union (German and Austrian) increased the number of Polish citizens migrating abroad to obtain employment, it was necessary to make information campaigns on trafficking, directed at people migrating to the EU Member States;
  • Given the necessity of performing extensive preventive actions, the trainings for employees of district job centres launched in 2010 were continued in 2011.
  • In 2011 a publication entitled “Trafficking in Human Beings – Basic Information for Job Centres” was produced;
  • During 2012, in view of the possible increased risk of THB for sexual exploitation during Euro 2012, the concept of an information campaign directed to both – female citizens of Poland and foreigners was developed. In connection with the organization of football matches, it was necessary to train police officers, especially in the cities were games were organized, to identify and support victims of trafficking;
  • The organization of the First International Film Festival on Human Trafficking “18/18”, that took place in October 2012 in Warsaw. During the three-day festival, 23 feature movies and documentaries touching upon subject of trading in human beings, forced labour or beggary were screened. This educational and preventive event was planned to raise awareness of dangers related to these issues. Moreover, the festival’s accompanying events (such as discussions panels with experts) highlighted the – often unintentional – preventive effect of the films;
  • In the frames of The National Plan there is a constant information campaign on human trafficking for forced labour addressed to people coming to Poland for work (mainly the citizens of Ukraine, Belarus and Asian countries). In December 2012 International Organization for Migration in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and the National Labour Inspectorate organized a conference dedicated to issues connected with integration of migrants on Polish labour market;
  • The Ministry of Interior conduct an information campaign on human trafficking addressed for school students – under the National Plan teachers of selected schools in 12 voivodeships were trained to provide pupils with basic information about the risks associated with the problems of trafficking.
  • On the other hand, many young people interested in the subject of human trafficking are given a chance to take part in many competitions announced annually by the Ministry of Interior. The undertaken projects used art forms, e.g. films, artistic works, comic books, etc.;
  • In August 2013 informative and anti-trafficking website www.handelludzmi.eu was put into action. The website is dedicated both to professionals and people interested in this phenomenon. It contains a complete information on institutions engaged in combating THB and a complex database on the issues related to human trafficking. Thanks to the special forms the users can share information about unlawful acts connected with their exploitation as victims of THB or inform about the exploitation of other person.  
  • Giving the more and more frequent cases of trafficking for forced labour, in 2013 the autumn film festival was entirely devoted to this issue. During seven-day review, 3 movies were screened in five cities in the Southern Poland. The purpose of the event was to present the practice of this crime as a contemporary form of slavery through the film medium. Meetings, discussions and movies shows were predicted to shape young people’s awareness on these issues.

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