Hotline for victims and witnesses of THB

Published Publication date 06.08.2020


+48 22 628 01 20


+ 48 22 628 99 99

Mob. +48 605 687 750*
(*Out-of-office only: Monday-Thursday after 6:00 p.m.,  Friday after 2:00 p.m.)

+ 48 22 621 56 18*
(*Vietnamese phone number)



Within the framework of the public task entitled The National Consulting and Intervention Centre for the Victims of Trafficking, whose aim is to secure the needs of victims of trafficking in human beings - Polish citizens or foreigners and people threatened by trafficking in human beings, a 24-hour telephone helpline and preventive counselling are provided. The telephone is used for contacts with victims, their relatives, institutions and people who come into contact with them, especially from law enforcement agencies, social assistance, justice administration and consular services. The telephone call makes it possible to make an initial diagnosis of needs and agree on further action. The helpline is also helpful for people planning to go abroad for advice and pre-departure information, and serves to continue working with people living at home and in the reintegration stage. Information is provided in four languages - Polish, English, French and Vietnamese.