The National Consulting and Intervention Centre for the Victims of Trafficking (KCIK).

Published Publication date 06.08.2020

The National Consulting and Intervention Centre for the Victims of Trafficking (hereinafter: KCIK) is a public task, implemented and financed by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, addressed to Polish and foreign victims of trafficking in human beings and people threatened by it. Since 2006, the Ministry of Interior and Administration has been announcing an open competition for running the KCIK every year. Currently, the Centre is run by La Strada - Foundation Against Trafficking in Human Beings and Slavery and the Po MOC Mary Immaculate Association for Women and Children.
KCIK was established to help victims of human trafficking in Poland. KCIK employees provide advice not only to victims of human trafficking, but also to their relatives and people at risk of human trafficking. The Centre's tasks include identification of victims of human trafficking, intervention, preventive counseling, running a specialized shelter for victims and consultations for institutions and organizations.
The key to provide assistance to victims of human trafficking is their initial identification, which in most cases is carried out by law enforcement agencies. The identification of a victim is followed by the need to ensure the safety of the victim, to isolate them from the perpetrators and to locate them in a safe place. Comprehensive assistance to victims of trafficking is a key objective of the KCIK. Shelters run by NGOs aim to provide safe accommodation with the possibility of isolating the victim (e.g. for health reasons), provide food, care and availability of professional staff around the clock. The work in the shelter is carried out by a manager and a social skills trainer, also at night experienced staff is on duty. A person can count on full support: accommodation, medical and psychological care, legal consultations.

The Centre also runs a 24-hour telephone helpline.


The National Consulting and Intervention Centre for the Victims of Trafficking
tel. +48 22 628 01 20, Mob. +48 605 687 750, e-mail: kcik@strada.org.pl



Below you can download information leaflets for victims of human trafficking in twelve language versions: Polish, English, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese, Farsi, French, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Roma.

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