Are you a victim or a witness?

Published 30.07.2013

If you are a person who became a victim of trafficking in human beings or a person who would like to share information about unlawful acts connected with exploitation of other person, please take a while to fill out the following form.

This information does not constitute notification of an offence according to the Polish Code of Criminal Procedure regulations.

Your personal details will be saved only to gain more information about this particular case of exploitation and they will not be publicly divulge.

We might pass some information to the competent law enforcement authority or to non-governmental organizations in order to contact you using the email address or telephone number you have provided, only if you agree to do so.


Tick more than one option, if necessary

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* The National Consulting and Intervention Centre for the Victims of Trafficking (KCIK) was established in April 2009. The Centre is financed from the state budget in full on the basis of a commissioned of the minister of internal affairs to non-governmental organizations. KCIK offers assistance both to Polish nationals and foreigners staying in Poland. The advice and consultations are also available to persons who are leaving or planning to leave the country for work. The Centre provides a wide range of assistance, including medical, psychological and legal care. Under the ‘Programme of support and protection of victims/witnesses of trafficking for foreigners’ the Centre helps foreign victims to legalize their stay and organizes their return to their home countries. Furthermore, the Centre offers a 24h helpline for victims or witnesses of trafficking. Get more information on: www.kcik.pl


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